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If you're a non-profit, Gold Standard can help you with Fundraising

We know that when the economy gets tough, charities suffer.  That's why we're proud to offer special charity rates and buying programs to help.


By partnering with charities, we've already helped raise thousands of dollars by offering premium rates for donated gold and other precious metal items.  Even a single orphaned gold earring can fetch $40 or more, so a charity appeal for this type of item can really add up. 

Your potential donors may have more than just a broken gold earring they'd like to sell; perhaps more than they're comfortable donating outright.  If your charity registers with Gold Standard, we will pay you a 10% bonus for any purchase we make from someone listing you as a reference.  With our average purchase at over $500 per person (and many in excess of $1000), these bonuses can also add up very quickly!

To discuss how Gold Standard can assist you, please Contact Us today!

We Can Help

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