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What are Gold Standard Loans?

Gold Standard loans are short-term loans designed to give you the cash you need in the event of an unexpected bill, emergency or opportunity that can't be missed.


For those occasional moments when life's timing doesn’t go exactly to plan, we offer Secured Loans and Payday Advances.

With a Secured Loan, you can get from $100 - $10,000 using your valuables as collateral.  To learn more about Secured Loans, click here.

With a Payday Advance, no collateral is needed - you can qualify for a $100 - $750 loan provided you are currently employed and have a bank account with a debit card.  You can even Apply Online.  To learn more about Payday Advance, click here.


For a comparison of the two types of loans and addtional info, click here.

 Did you know a Gold Standard loan can be cheaper than the cost of bouncing a cheque?

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